Politics with Ben Garrison: Common Sense Interview

Today, I had the pleasure of talking to political cartoonist Ben Garrison. From his own career and inspirations to involuntary internet fame, trolls and how to successfully embrace one’s meme status, Ben offers interesting perspectives and insight into the life of a cartoonist.

As we discuss Donald Trump’s immunity to political correctness, big government’s stranglehold on the individual and suppression of free speech, it becomes obvious that the issues we face on both sides of the Atlantic are quite similar – and that sometimes, all it takes is for a single free mind to raise his voice.

On a more personal note, I am more than happy about how well this first interview of mine for the Common Sense Post went. Ben is a man whose work, much like our own, is dedicated to¬†offering people the uncomfortable but necessary truth that is hard to find elsewhere in today’s media landscape – motivated not by profit, but a sincere belief that change is possible and that no establishment is too powerful to expose and defat.



Lukas Marcusson

Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of the Common Sense Post from Germany.
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