This totally unaltered image shows how happy we all should be with these new functions.

Site Updates! (Finally)

When we aren’t busy recording podcasts or fulfilling our real life responsibilities, we work hard behind the scenes to improve your Common Sense experience.

In other words: A bunch of new stuff on and around the site that we finally got around to setting it up.

First of all, the article pages themselves now work the way they should have been working all along. Commenting now appears to be functional, author info is displayed (we have profile pictures now, even) and tags show up so you can search for related things more easily.

Secondly, we stepped up our social media game:

You can now find The Common Sense Post on Twitter and YouTube! Facebook, too (it’s not dead, I swear).

We’ll put our podcast episodes on YouTube, for a broader audience, plus some other, Youtube-exclusive goodies and shenanigans.

Lastly, if you enjoy the Common Sense Podcast with all its right wing memes and humor, you can now show your support with our shirts, mugs and stickers on Redbubble:

Fancy stuff like this is waiting for you.

Get it while it’s hot!

We hope you enjoy the new platforms and functions and are looking forward to seeing you on Twitter and YouTube. And finally, we can ask you to comment on how you like these changes. Isn’t that great?

Lukas Marcusson

Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of the Common Sense Post from Germany.
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