Leftist Mainstream Dominance as Detachment from Reality

It is scarcely arguable that the Mainstream is not imbued of Leftist ideology:

The Media in the West offer a compact front of ferocious and unapologetic sell-pens that are perpetually intent on denigrating any dissent voiced against the establishment and on actively covering up any factual truth that may go against the narrative (be it „refugees“ raping and stealing, Middle Eastern child abuse rings and the like). The fourth Estate, as many have already pointed out, has become a de facto Ministry of Truth in much of the West, with metastasis spreading fast in the former Warsaw Pact countries. And much like a Ministry of Truth, it is preoccupied with the vilest revisionism possible, as trashy TV-series are scripted with non-European vikings, black Romans, and „medieval PoCs“; forgive me for quoting the ever-too-quoted 1984, but this is masterfully explained by Orwell:

„O’Brien smiled faintly. “You are no metaphysician, Winston,” he said. “Until this moment you had never considered what is meant by existence. I will put it more precisely. Does the past exist concretely, in space? Is there somewhere or other a place, a world of solid objects, where the past is still happening?”


“Then where does the past exist, if at all?”

“In records. It is written down.”

“In records. And- ?”

“In the mind. In human memories.”

“In memory. Very well, then. We, the Party, control all records, and we control all memories. Then we control the past, do we not?” „

On top of that, countless documentaries are produced lauding the wonders of allogenic cultures, with the purpose of exalting them and building consensus around the „evident“ beauty of Multiculturalism.

The cultural sphere, especially that of academia, is dominated by the most abject self-loathing cultural flagellants ever to tread the Earth. Never before have we witnessed a cultural elite so intent on undermining their own culture and national history like in the West in the last 4 years – deconstruction is the keyword. It’s become hardly deniable that it is the most intelligent individuals in our society that are able to exercise the most incredible mental gymnastics to falsify the undeniable and to state the absurd with a straight face. The common man, hard working and with a strong family life, possesses the sublime and mystical quality that is the bon sense. On the other hand, intellectuals are ever competing in a highly stratified milieu, that of academia, where pontiffs and saints are quick to be fanatically deified and adored just as much as they are to be cast into the dirt and held in contempt – requiring a permanent cultural revolution (on which I will elaborate separately)

And, last but not least, the New Media – Social media. social networks have become for all intents and purposes echo chambers for the left and its adherents.

„Trump is not my president“, posted by whoever, is likely to receive thousands of notes/likes/reblogs/whatever. On the contrary, any mention of the Clintons’ many shady affairs is unlikely to receive any significant attention.
So, what does the average leftist see?
They log onto social media and everyone agrees that Trump is a despicable fascist.
They watch the News and hear of the oppressed minorities in [Insert Western country].

They go to their university courses and they are constantly offered participation in anti-racist get-togethers, Islam support groups, LGTBQ+ empowerment classes.

And yet! Yet Trump won, and Brexit happened.

Can you imagine the average 20-something Leftist, their shock, their cognitive dissonance? They are the victims of entire segments of society that painted Trump, or others like him, as the Devil himself, a literal fascist and white supremacist – and then they see him win.

As people are more likely to accept for true the first set of seemingly coherent statements they encounter, it is irrelevant that Trump explicitly said that it is the time for Americans to unite and that skin color doesn’t matter in his inauguration speech – he will still be considered a white supremacist fascist.

The echo chambers, designed to create consensus, are only acting on one section of the public – namely younger people, women more than men, attending high school or university.
This is polarizing the political process, as the fracture increases between adherents to either the hyperglobalist faction or the antiglobalist area, and compromise has never seemed a more foolish option.  Trump for calls for unity, and „women’s marches“ on non-issues like police brutality, islamophobia, and racism are held in the whole Western World.

They will give us no quarter, and we must not give quarter as well –  there cannot be any compromise in this struggle. A struggle, which, for us, will lead to glorious results.

Oswald Langobard

Associate Writer for the Common Sense Post. Political Science, History. Identitarian Right.
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