M103: An Opinion of Canada’s lamentable Future

Motion M103 is Canada’s now world famous anti Islamic blasphemy motion by Liberal MP Iqra Khalid that was brought to parliament hot on the heels of an anti Muslim attack on a mosque in Quebec. It’s gained support from the usual suspects on the left and ire from the usual suspects on the right, even culminating in skirmishes in cities like¬†Quebec and Ontario, between groups such as Antifa and Soldiers of Odin.

So what does this Motion entail? Well, it’s simply a do nothing feel good piece of text for left wing politicians to sign and approve to pander to Muslim voters. For the leftist on the street, it’s important legislation to protect a “misunderstood” religion/people from hate. For those on the right of a more volatile temperament it’s an attack on Canada’s freedom of speech and impending Sharia Law, to the more nuanced of the right and other left/center groups it’s a canary in the coal mine that we are sliding into the same murky waters of Islamic apologia and protectionism that is now slowly drowning various European countries.

On the 23rd of March 2017 the Motion passed and now a variety of groups, such as the Committee on Canadian Heritage are to be looking into how to combat Islamophobia. Of course, this entire time has been highlighted by people asking just what does “Islamophobic speech” entail? Does it mean a hatred towards Arabs and “Brown” people of the Arabic/South Asian parts of the world? Does it mean calls of violence against practitioners of Islam? Or is anything considered offensive or defiant of the Islamic faith is to be curbed? This mixed in with the governments approach and prior laws on hate speech leaves those on the right and even the members of the left who hold less “progressive” stances worried. When you live in a country where even facts and truths can be considered hate speech it’s going to put people on edge, especially when they see things like Germans getting arrested in their country for talking ill of Islam.

Even after endless questioning it seems we still don’t have any real answers; one person says it’s more about race another says it’s religious protection while another says it will benefit all Canadians, when it doesn’t take a genius to know that a church burning won’t ever invoke or be given the time of day by any law that comes from this motion. Also, the text of “systemic racism and religious discrimination” is another peculiar point: Anyone who knows Canada is aware that we are somewhat of a left wing country, where the government oes above and beyond to appease outside groups, so what “system” is there to be investigated? The only racism or bigotry to come out these days will come down to an individual/community level, how do you enforce or stop that without trampling on everyones rights and privacy?

The fear and concern here is as said above: that this is all laying out the ground work for what is happening in Europe. The fear that our government will finally match their actions to their words and opening Canada up to the Muslim world at large with no caveats or second guessing their intents. Couple that with laws that could be drafted to outlaw what would essentially be criticism could lead to them being considered beyond reproach and embolden indignant new comers to act in ways that would be counter productive to Canadian society.

Canadians who haven’t ascribed to the lefts rainbow utopia are fearful that our days of Pierre Elliot Trudeau’s vision of a peaceful multicultural society will come to an end, whether they liked it to begin with or not. The anger comes from the idea if a Rotherham-esque incident happens, will the non Muslims be so petrified of the imposing “hate speech” laws and social suicide that they will keep quiet? Will we become the fearful people like those in other places that tout themselves as post racial, post national, multicultural utopias? Where the girl who is catcalled or groped will get no justice, because she will be labelled a bigot for describing her harassers? Will attacks on LGBT individuals by “New Canadians” get swept under the rug by governments unwilling to admit they operate on a progressive stack that is currently grinding all but the most influential or “vulnerable” groups into dust?

Will opinions such as this earn people a nice visit from the police to strike fear and submission to encourage omission of the sight of a changing world? If the progressives get their wish with this law and other desires, how long before we get the “Part and Parcel” speech and be told to be docile, friendly, and open our hearts and doors to an ideology that has historically done none of those things for us? It’s hard to happily swallow M-103 when we can see the world around us and see what mollycoddling Islam has brought to the once tolerant capitals of Europe. It’s hard to swallow that pill when our government, schools, corporations, and even society bend over backwards and told that is not enough by men who preach to their flock that our morals,virtues, and the laws of our land are vile.

How do you accept that a religion is beyond reproach when even a simple gesture, like helping a woman pick up her fallen groceries, is met with cold hostility and looks of disgust, because you are not only a male but a kuffir at that? How do you accept a motion that defends people who are already sacred cows? Allowed to be as crass and belligerent as they wish with no social repercussion, just a street car of pale faces receding into their chest because they fear their reputation, world view, or even health is on the line. Even with all that in mind, even with all that has unfolded in Europe, America, Africa,the Middle East, and even Asia, our government schemers and their progressive Stockholm syndrome jesters hold this sickening concoction to our lips and if Islam is the hemlock seeping in, then it’s safe to say M-103 and what ever is born from it may very well be the chalice that holds it.

-These are strange days for you, me, and Canada.

R Octopi

A sometimes Canadian writer and full time observer.
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