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What Germany? – Turkish-German Integration Official denies Existence of German Culture

Aydan Özuguz, the Turkish-German Social Democrat official tasked by the government with the integration of foreigners, stated in a newspaper interview that a “specifically German culture, apart from the language, is simply not identifiable”.

With this statement, she falls in line with Emmanuel Macron, the new President of France, who denied the existence of French culture a few months ago.

This is, of course, downright insulting and hateful towards all ethnic Germans and every immigrant who is proud of having integrated into the rich, beautiful culture of Germany with its values, history and traditions. Things that also server to attract thousands of tourists every year, who visit the country for its many cultural goods.

It also left many wondering how someone with enough disdain for Germany to outright deny the existence of its culture is supposed to improve the integration of foreigners into that very culture.

Such statements also mark a worrisome new trend of European government officials denying the nation’s identity and using regional cultures and diversity as an excuse to explain it away in order to justify further multiculturalism.


Lukas Marcusson

Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of the Common Sense Post from Germany.
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