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Canada and the Wonders of Cultural Marxism

Once again, Bill C-16 is brought to public consciousness in the land of the current year. Once again, a U of T professor and various others of notable backgrounds make the case of an odious precedent being set and the dangers of its enforcement. Once again the rot and decay shows from beneath the veneer.

Canada is now the latest home to the growing liberal anti-intellectualism that is smothering the west. For the longest time the world of hostilities towards those who went against the social orthodoxies and existed as unsanctioned academics was that of the conservative and religious right according to the left, and we heard endless wailing from the progressive left about free thinkers and influential movers and shakers who were demonized by things like the red scare,”anti-christian” witch hunts, and “anti-patriotic” fear-mongering. Now here we are, with notable people in the media being publicly crucified for peddling out mundane comments on cultural appropriation on twitter or Human rights tribunals weighing in favor of dubious pronouns and gender identities and even news articles twisting the arguments of people afraid of laws aimed at dictating speech.

But the recent Bill C-16 talks in Parliament are a good example of politicians who know nothing of what they are defending, even when the writing of the law and enforcement of it is spelled out for them. They fail to see that insidious social actors have managed to use anti-discrimination laws as a means of enforcement on the masses using the perceived plight of oppressed people to protect identity politics that spit in the face of biology even further or acts a means of holding back a class considered oppressors, using our society’s desire not to offend or be obtuse to push forward ideals and views that will leave children forever doubting and dysphoric about themselves over the slightest piece of puberty fueled insecurity, or perpetually angry and hostile to their peers over race/class/gender/birth. Thus, they are all ripe for the political and ideological reaping.

Masses of ignorant college students burning mommy and daddy’s money to shout out endless condemnation because they seek to destroy those pillars and orthodoxies of a society they are told is their oppressor and enemy, including their parents. As the good professor puts it, “Cultural Marxism”. Market a revolution fueled by teenage insecurity that you fan flames of and get a devout following of useful goons even willing to cannibalize their own fellow sufferers. This is the young political landscape of Canada, rife with cultural landmines and impotent kowtowing to pressure and smear tactics. To get ahead you don’t need to best your enemy, just make them socially unlikable or just make them afraid from the start, that is what is being done here. This is nothing more than a law used to strike fear with a media apparatus willing to go along.

My interactions with the people bill C-16 is used to protect is a unique one, I have the luck of interacting with some “transgender” individuals before and after the rise of this “gender revolution”. The ones from before had a very simple goal to become the opposite sex, no marches, no soapboxes, just a head down life of hopefully, maybe passing and being happy the goal is clear even if you disagree. Interacting with the ones post this cultural change, there is no interest in “passing” no interest in a simple head down normal life, in a good number of cases it’s not even about becoming the opposite sex but rather something that is both or neither at the same time. Their end game involves nebulous social changes that are impossible to ever achieve. I remember a good number of the ones I used to interact with talked people out of transitioning if it sounded like the person wasn’t all that dysphoric, a good number would also settle with any fix to their feelings even it meant the end result was staying their birth gender. The ones I’ve talked to now? I’ve brought up the concept of what would happen if a fix that didn’t involve transitioning was found and the hostility I was greeted with said it all, this is more about victim-hood and forcing the world to conform to them and dragging as many into their misery as possible.

This also plays into the rising racial politics of Canada: I’ve encountered two types of Asian Canadians which paint the clearest picture, and their ideological outcomes boil down to one factor. Education. Those who went to schools that catered solely to teaching course material with Design, Engineering, Science, Mechanics can joke and generally function just fine in society, viewing themselves only superficially different from White Canadians. They generally move on just fine post-grad into a work force and find their standing in society. Those who went in for things like Humanities, Arts, English, or Social Studies generally ended up shaving half their head, dyeing the rest and bellowing out a banshees cry of persecution, locking arms with revolutionary student unions and BLM activists much to the delight of their educators. Even post-grad these people are stuck in the same mentality, when their degrees don’t pan out then it’s because of discrimination of race and not education and skills. A good portion of which start to fall into a never ending childhood, complete disappointments and failures in the eyes of their parents that they soon grow to hate.

In the end that is the goal, misery loves company. These people are using the misery they have foisted upon dumb kids and over inflating social injustices *whether real or faked* by other minority groups to force through the stepping stones that will get them an iron grasp on influencing legislation and public opinion. A generation of youth rife with depression, hate, wasted minds, wasted talents, arrested development, and mangled bodies lies ahead.

R Octopi

A sometimes Canadian writer and full time observer.
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