War on Islam?

In the last few years, we have all experienced the many tragic terrorist attacks in Europe. There is no doubt that the Old World is virtually under siege.

However, we must not give in to the easy path that the globalist Hawks offer us – that is, renew foreign interventionism, especially regarding the Near East.

First of all, we must accept that the West is currently undergoing a phase of contraction: cultural, economic, and, last but not least, demographic.

Europe simply cannot afford the realities of modern asymmetrical warfare; sure, it may be entertaining to watch through a thermographic camera a dozen Talibans being blown up by a Hellfire missile, but there is no denying that Western involvement in military actions in Islamic countries has resulted in a huge drain of all types of resources.
The fact is, we simply cannot afford any longer to blow up some Jihadist fighters equipped with 20$ Kalash rifles by bombarding them with millions of euros/dollars worth of ordnance, moved by soldiers that have needed hundreds of hours of training. Even the Russian-style cheap warfare (i.e. carpet bombing or barrel bombing) is still a win-win situation for Islam, as whatever economic/military resource drained by Jihadists cannot be immediately replenished.

One of the most successful memes of the Alt-Right/Identitarian Right is the quote attributed to Justin Trudeau: “If you kill your enemies, they win”. Ironically, in this case, it is very much true: Muslims are growing demographically all over the world, and any Jihadist fighter is going to be replaced in a matter of years, while the West cannot reliable replenish its resources because of our critical conditions on the home front.

Nonetheless, we need to further analyse how exactly demographic growth influences Islamic terrorism and Jihadism, especially in Islamic countries.

For the purpose of this example, let’s pretend that the reader is a Yemeni/Pakistani/whatever subsistence farmer. As a subsistence farmer, your livelihood is extremely fragile and subject to casual fluctuations of the market, or even your own personal conditions – maybe one day you were sick and you couldn’t go to the regional market to sell your goat cheese, or perhaps particularly harsh weather has destroyed your kitchen garden…you name it.
Of course, as a good Muslim, you have abundant offspring, but you need to look after it, and being always on the brink of starvation does not help, and there aren’t many chances of improval in the rural region where you live. So?

Enter Islamic “Charities”. Even a mere Google search reveals to what extent these organisations are instrumental in promoting terrorist activities. More often then not, they are tied Qatari/Saudi masters.

But how exactly do these Charities operate on the field?
Going back to our little roleplay example, one day, a charity’s agents knock on your door: they offer basic commodities, help with a little money, maybe give you some extra aid from some UN-affiliated agency.
Most obviously, you are very grateful to them, and each time they visit, you thank them a thousand times and invite them in your hovel, offering what little you have kept for visitors.
One day, however, they start asking more serious questions: do you consider yourself a devout Muslim? You, being a Yemeni farmer, what could you possibly answer? Why yes, you are.
And do you remember the Pillars of Islam? Jihad?
Maybe the charity’s agents also tell you about this far, far away country you have probably never heard of, where the Kuffars, the Infidels, are enslaving fellow Muslims.

After that, they make you an offer: would you join the struggle against the Infidels and protect Islam? After all, a true Muslim cannot evade the duty of Jihad.
Regarding your family, do not worry at all, for the charity will provide for them, ensure that they are clothed and fed, your widow not in want, and perhaps even that your male sons receive some form of education. All this if you simply accept to fight in the Jihad.

This is the basic way these charities operate in the poorest rural regions of Islamic countries. It is rather simple, but also very ingenious, as it ensures that newer generations will grow fatherless and resentful towards the West (sometimes the occasional American drone strike seals the deal by killing relatives and friends of the Jihadist’s family). This is how generations of terrorists are bred, and all under the cover of “charity work” by countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar, while the US do nothing to stop this.

The most pessimistic of our readers may be asking themselves at this point: so, is the West doomed? They are waging demographic warfare on us and military action further weakens us´?

Well, do not worry. If we manage to halt mass immigration to the West, what we are going to find is that the demographic bomb is going to backfire clamorously: Europe would be able to enjoy renewed prosperity in most areas, while Islamic countries are going to descend into total and semi-permanent war over what little resources will be available for booming populations.

If you will, we would metaphorically be in the position that Emperor Nero is often depcited as enjoying: he himself in no serious danger, observing the fiery destruction of Rome from his luxurious terrace.

Thus, all hope is most definitely not lost.
Additionally, we have important historical precedents that we need to keep in mind if a civil/religious war were to break out somewhere in Europe, chiefly the Russian experience in Chechnya.

Especially during the Second Chechen War, the Russians were being almost vanquished, because they stuck to conventional rules of engagement and failed to notice that the greatest threat to the Russian Army were not the Mujaheddin, who had fortifed Grozny and readied themselves for a bloody siege – rather, it was the treacherous Caucasian rural regions, in Chechnya, in Dagestan, in Ingushetia.
Oblivious to the support that the Jihadists were receiving from the countryside in terms of money, manpower, and logistics, they insisted on conventional tactics without a clear strategy, and as a result of that, the world came close to witnessing an independent Chechnya.
With Putin and his associates at the helm – and this must be recognised – KGB know-how and field expertise was able to reach the troops on the battlefield.

Hence, the “new”, KGB/FSB-supported Russian Army changed its tactics, and switched their attention to the apparently harmless villages near the area of operations: they started throwing grenades in any suspicious basement and they started taking notice of the amount of laundry that households were laying to dry (excessive laundry naturally meant that the Mujaheddin were enjoying the service). Villages were raided, people killed, homes destroyed until the insurgents were beaten into submission.
Only through these means was it possible to eradicate the insurgency.

In Europe, future religious conflicts will put us and our cultural and political unity to the test – then, the metapolitical task that the Alt-Right/Identitarian Right is carrying out is going to come into full force and be fruitful.

In conclusion:
– Yes, Radical Islam is waging demographic war on us.
– No, we should not cave in to any Hawk-ish foreign policy.
– No, Europe is not doomed.

Reject Neo-Colonialism/Interventionism and embrace European Isolationism.


Oswald Langobard

Associate Writer for the Common Sense Post. Political Science, History. Identitarian Right.
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