Merkel flips on Gay Marriage

In an unexpected move, German chancellor and leader of the Christian Democratic Union party Angela Merkel paved the way for full legal recognition of gay marriage in Germany. Dubbed “marriage for all” by supporters, the redefinition of marriage to include same sex couples is set to pass once put to an official vote in parliament. This will extend full adoption rights to homosexual couples.

Coincidentally, this major shift happens days after potential coalition partners announced they would insist on it being part of a potential coalition treaty.

The CDU is nominally a center right party and the traditional choice of German conservatives, perhaps due to lack of an alternative until recently.

Once again, mainstream ‘conservatism’ proves itself to be progressivism driving the speed limit. Cornerstones of conservative policy are thrown out as soon as they face even the tiniest bit of resistance.

5 years before opening the borders to anyone willing to walk in and claim their piece of the cake, Merkel herself was outspoken about the failure of multiculturalism. Over night, the party of mainstream conservatism turned from immigration critical to the most far left, open borders policy in the history of post war Europe. For years, the CDU supported nuclear energy. One tsunami and media panic later, there was a total shift to what was essentially the Green Party’s energy program. Ever since it became a political (non)issue, the center right CDU has opposed redefining marriage, a central institution of society, away from what it has always been in our culture. As soon as a potential junior partner in a coalition looking to receive a third of their vote makes it a condition for cooperation, Merkel flips the big rainbow switch and embraces the inane demands of leftist culture warriors (for the record, civil partnerships with essentially equal legal rights have existed for over a decade, making this transparently about not equal rights but turning marriage into something else on demand of the professionally oppressed).

Other highlights from this current government led by the CDU include women quotas for large companies, the largest crackdowns on anti-migration and general free speech since the days of the German Democratic Republic, more bottomless bailouts for Greece and the looming nightmare of every one of the million refugees invited by the chancellor being entitled to bring their families into Germany.

Imagine you’re a moderate conservative who joined the CDU to have less immigration, say no to bailouts and preserve social values you grew up with – and now look at what those tasked with your interest actually managed to conserve.


No, worse than nothing: In the past two years alone, German center-right conservatism accomplished what even an openly far left government would have trouble achieving had they campaigned for it openly. No one would have voted for open borders – yet, it seems to always be those who gain their votes by half-heartedly speaking against it that end up opening them. Not only in Germany, Britain has never had higher levels of immigration than it did in recent years under a migration-critical conservative government. And leading US ‘conservative’ Paul Ryan has a track record of consistently coming out in favor of ever higher levels of immigration, going as far as saying a reduction of islamic immigration is “not who we are as a country”.

At every turn, time and time again, mainstream conservatives proved their total lack of principles, convictions or will to stand up to anyone to the left of them.

Mainstream conservatism has many points on its agenda. Actually conserving anything isn’t among them. Be it national sovereignty, freedom of speech, immigration reduction, tradition, social issues or even the basic ethnic composition of society – wherever they govern, the progressive left always wins.

Of course, gay marriage (its renaming to ‘marriage for all’ exposing it as just another front in the Kulturkampf) is a secondary issue that absolutely pales in comparison with the threat of unprecedented mass migration into Europe. However, the sudden and total collapse of mainstream conservative opposition to it is symbolic for the all-encompassing failure of the center right as an alternative to leftist policy.

We can now safely conclude that the center-right brand of conservatism was never more than a safety valve of left wing policy, to serve as an ineffective and ultimately futile outlet for those not comfortable with it. Mainstream conservatives lose, back down or outright turn around on every supposed cornerstone of their values and will keep doing so as long as they get voted into office anywhere.

A real right is needed now more than ever.

Lukas Marcusson

Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of the Common Sense Post from Germany.
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