Credit: Deutsches Historisches Museum

S3E15 – The Not So Current Year Report in Weimar

This week we mostly take a break from politics and talk about a topical period of German history, looking at some of the OGs of leftist political violence, the Spartacus League, Karl Liebknecht, Rosa Luxemburg and their many failed revolution attempts. We deliver on our announcement of a history themed episode – revisiting the collapse of the German Empire and the failed attempt to establish a soviet state in Germany that followed. Not often taught in schools, but crucial to understanding the Weimar era that followed. Feedback is greatly appreciated!

Also featuring talk on Bannon’s departure, Defend Europe and the decline of the Mediterranean people smuggling routes.

Gerber, J. – ‘From Left Radicalism to Council Communism: Anton Pannekoek and German Revolutionary Marxism’ (1988)
Waldman, E – ‘The Spartacist Uprising of 1919 and the Crisis of the German Socialist Movement’ (1958)
McCracken, S. – ‘The Mood of Defeat’ (2014)
Bailey, S. – ‘The Berlin Strike of January 1918’ (1980)


Lukas Marcusson

Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of the Common Sense Post from Germany.
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