• Culture of Consumerism

    by - Sep 17, 2017
    AESTHETICS: According to its Greek etymology, ‘that which evokes a strong sensation’. Aesthetics is linked to notions of beauty, harmony, achievement of form. Contemporary egalitarian ideology abhors and implicitly demonises aesthetics. It associates (rightly) the will...
  • Identitarian Vademecum – On Political Struggle

    by - Sep 13, 2017
    Identitarian Vademecum – On Political Struggle – Whether you consider yourself an identitarian or not, if you identify as a member of the Alt-Right/New-Right, these collection of inspirational quotes should nonetheless be an interesting read, something...
  • S3E17 – Truth, Propaganda & The Spanish Civil War

    by - Sep 7, 2017
    This week, a little later than promised, Lukas and Sam finish the three part series on communism in inter-war Europe by taking a closer look at the Spanish Civil War (1936-39), it’s significance in the culture...
  • S3E16 – The Polish Soviet War of 1919-21

    by - Sep 7, 2017
    This week, Lukas and Sam bring the second history-focused episode, another partially current year report on the Polish Soviet War of 1919 to 1921, the warfare, its causes and its consequences for the course of European...
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