Identitarian Vademecum – On Political Struggle

Identitarian Vademecum

– On Political Struggle –

Whether you consider yourself an identitarian or not, if you identify as a member of the Alt-Right/New-Right, these collection of inspirational quotes should nonetheless be an interesting read, something that can ideologically strengthen us all in our struggle.

This may be a one time thing, but I’m also not excluding making this a semi-regular series by installments, here on the Common Sense Post.

I hope these quotes will prove as interesting and thought-provoking as they were to me.

In this first installment, I gathered a few quotes that I believe are to be kept in mind in the political climate of this era, adding a short comment to each.
What should we strive to be, as Identitarians? What should we aim towards? What is our objective?
There are all questions that I hope I have managed to implicitly answer in my short commentaries, or at least, I hope you will recognise them as valid answers.

“The nation state is the Europeans’ chosen form of coexistence. We conceived it and we’ve fought for it. It cost entire generations of Europeans seas of blood and centuries of toil. And now that nearly every nation in Europe has its own state, you work to undermine these very nations and destroy them in a superstate. In doing so, you betray the of millennia. You are supported in doing so by foreign powers, by Americans and Asians who can hardly grasp what ‘nation’ means, let alone what the nation – states mean to us Europeans. Our national states are so much more than an arbitrary social construct. They belong to us, and are an irreplaceable part of our identity. Great Britain, France, and Germany all have their very own histories and cultures, and it is a crime against them and against the diversity of Europe to attempt to liquidate their existence as nation – states.”

-Markus Willinger, A Europe of Nations 

Markus Willinger, author of the manifesto of the Identitarian Movement in Europe, Generation Identiy, firmly points out what decades of cultural deconstructivism have failed to erase: the Nation State is the way our ancestors chose to live, and it is our people’s home. A homeless family has nothing but despair and suffering in its future – a stateless nation is incapable of building, renewing, and recognizing itself.


“Why so hard!“—said to the diamond one day the charcoal; “are we then not near relatives?”—
Why so soft? O my brethren; thus do I ask you: are ye then not—my brethren?
Why so soft, so submissive and yielding? Why is there so much negation and abnegation in your hearts? Why is there so little fate in your looks?
And if ye will not be fates and inexorable ones, how can ye one day— conquer with me?
And if your hardness will not glance and cut and chip to pieces, how can ye one day—create with me?
For the creators are hard. And blessedness must it seem to you to press your hand upon millenniums as upon wax,—
—Blessedness to write upon the will of millenniums as upon brass,—harder than brass, nobler than brass. Entirely hard is only the noblest.
This new table, O my brethren, put I up over you: BECOME HARD!—”

Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Friedrich Nietzsche

Nietzsche, in his splendidly poetic Thus Spoke Zarathustra, makes a prophecy of the Übermensch – a creature that has forsaken its human shell to become something else, something that is beyond human.
Relative to the concept of political soldiers, this short passage that I chose can only remind us that each of us carries a burden of weakness that is the only obstacle betwixt ourselves and greatness – in politics, in our personal life, in business.
Let us keep improving ourselves day by day and become a diamond, leaving a charcoal’s life to our enemies.


“Western democracies are failing to implement their utopia and so are denouncing an imaginary enemy. Politicians no longer say, “Vote for us, because we’ve got the right solutions and we’ll improve your living conditions because our solutions are the best.” This is positive legitimisation. Politicians now are instead – implicitly – saying, “Vote for us, since even though we’re a bunch of good-for-nothings, bunglers and bullies, this is nothing serious: at least we can protect you against the return of Fascism. If it weren’t for us, you wouldn’t even have eyes left to cry” This is negative legitimisation. The redundant commemorations of Second World War events and the voyeuristic descriptions of ‘Nazi crimes’ with trials and denunciations which are being incessantly broadcast on the media over fifty years after they took place are all part of this strategy. This is the big bad wolf tactic: “Daddy is bad but if you do not obey him, the big bad wolf will come and get you. And that will be even worse!” The system, which is failing to gain consensus and achieve any results, is inventing virtual enemies which it claims to be protecting the people against: “The Front National is the NSDAP under a new guise; if we expel too many immigrants, there will be an economic collapse and a dictatorship will be installed.” This old strategy has its limits and these will soon be evident.”

-Guillaume Faye 

Faye, denouncing the Nazi obsession of the left and of what we would today call globalists, highlights the all-too-familiar strategy used to suppress the right. A harbinger of what we have come to experience in the last few months.


“A nation is created by families, a religion, a tradition: it is made up out of the hearts of mothers, the wisdom of fathers, the joy and the exuberance of children.”

-Kaiser Wilhelm II.

What is there to add? This is what we should strive for.

“You may live in a depraved, undignified age, but it is you who will form the vanguard in the reformation of European society, and the restoration of our ancient, traditional ideals. These ideals once built the great civilization of Europe, and they will rebuild it when this age of darkness ends.”

-Daniel Friberg, The Real Right Returns: A Handbook for the True Opposition

In his scalding appeal to the youth, Daniel Friberg defines what is essentially an Identitarian today – a vanguard, leading the struggle against decay and a carrier of Old Europe’s banners.


And finally:

“Destiny turns. It turns towards us with an iron certainty. […]

Your hour is passed. As our faith was the strongest, behold how our will prevails and will prevail until the end.”

-Flight over Vienna leaflet, Gabriele D’Annunzio

Oswald Langobard

Associate Writer for the Common Sense Post. Political Science, History. Identitarian Right.
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