We do not need Neo-Masculinity

We know what Feminism is. We know what it looks like, what it intends to achieve, its methods, its rules, its pre-conceptions. If you are reading this, it is very likely that you agree that Feminism is an inherently noxious ideology for the West.

However, in the past few years we have witnessed a few cracks appearing in what used to be the coherent wall of contemptuous (but also fearful) silence that men formed whenever feminist critiques were given space in public debates and “national conversations”. And out of these cracks, some new creatures appeared on the metapolitical stage.

Now, I am sure you have all heard of what have been very effectively termed “Nu-Males” (despite the name, they are not the only expression of neo-masculinity, as is going to be explained in this piece), which can be generally described as variations of the archetypical cuck, although their intentions and ideas can differ greatly.
Amongst Nu-Males we can count different types of white knights, hyper-feminist betas, an abundance of Jonathan “Full” McIntosh clones, the usual semi-repressed “nice guys”, and literal cuckolds. We are all, sadly, familiar with these kinds of human categories.

But in the last few years there has been a parallel growth of e.g. Men’s Rights Activists (MRA). And what do MRAs do? They started as a (quite effective) caricature of Feminists, which they created by assuming the same style of permanently-outraged discourse, and absurd demands and proposals, perfectly mimicking feminist tactics in all fields. But sometimes, jokes are taken too far, and MRA’s risk degenerating from the joke that they were always meant to be into a metapolitical actor that is (mis)represented by our enemies as a primary conglomerate of men’s concerns. There seem to be people who unironically adhere to this mirrored version of Feminism indeed.

Furthermore, and most worryingly, this semi-passive aggressiveness and style of critique seem to be spreading in society, creating a new noxious class of eternally unruly and yet subservient males – a.k.a “Manchildren”.

In addition to this, a new subculture of self-styled “Alpha males” has been nurtured by certain online cliques, which I am sure some of you have heard of at least once, which have generated sites posting semi-legitimate Alt-Lite content, coupled with aggressive propaganda encouraging male readers to embrace their “Alpha” side.

What exactly is their understanding of the Alpha side?

Well, it seems that they seem to channel what is essentially resentment for modern feminized society (understandably so) in what is unfortunately a hedonistic, modernity-embracing, hyper-sexual ideal shape of male – whose objective is basically a barely-concealed personal crusade against society and women, carried out in the form of sexual exploits.

This is not only a preposterous and sad depiction of men and their current purpose in the western world, but it also a dishonest set of ideas that actively undermine the current cultural capital and metapolitical initiative that the alternative right holds at the moment, effectively diverting young men’s energies and focus from what are political initiatives with actual potential towards an egotistical lifestyle of deception and narcissism, with mere pleasure as its only validating factor – which could have only made sense (if ever) in a pre-2008 culturally-monopolist liberal order of society. I certainly hope that this sad perversion of concepts such as riding the tiger is unintended, or else it would only add to the intellectual pauperism that these individuals demonstrate.

There is nothing “Alpha” in sleeping with countless women, in shamelessly dividing them into undeserving categories (“the sex-starved 40-year-old”, “The ego-maniac college girl”, etc.) with the sole purpose of developing the best tactics in order to sleep with said women.

There is nothing “Alpha” in reducing yourself to a human peacock, parading inside nightclubs amongst clones of yourself, hoping to be allowed the privilege of intercourse by some woman in a drunken stupor, distracting her with the inflated muscles on your arms, lest she notice your flat electroencephalography.

Oh, do not mistake me, there is nothing inherently bad about sexual intercourse itself, nor is body-building a degenerate activity.

But Masculinity is not just that, and it undoubtedtly is not entirely that.
We have no use for these so-called “alpha males” – in fact, we need to erase this culture of sexual degeneracy and solipsistic hedonism altogether.

What we need is the restoration of traditional masculinity and the re-creation of its mysticism, the kind of metaphysical yet compelling and unchallenged masculinity that is evident in the iron will of a man’s gaze, in a lad’s flitting muscles at the threshold of adulthood, in a farmer’s callous hands.

The only alpha males we need are the Roman centurion, the medieval knight, and the Imperial stoßtruppen – not this modernist idiocy.

Everything we cherish was built and defended by our ancestors through blood, sweat, and tears, and that is what a man should be ready to offer.
If your sole interest is the brief warmth of a body on your own – you are not an ally of ours.

Both these responses to feminism and cultural marxism are nothing but sides of the same coin (pardon the use of the “same coin” meme, I could not resist).

What we need today is re-evaluating the value and forms of expressions of traditional masculinity in society, restoring the mindset of what have been countless generations of heroes, of saints, of explorers, of warriors, of thinkers – not constricting masculinity in its urbanite, lite version of mediocre wood-carving, beer-brewing, and combed beards, not forfeiting it to the pitiable wailers of MRA wretches, and certainly not flattening masculinity to a mere caricature of its sexual drives and social rituals.

We do not need Neo-Masculinity.

Oswald Langobard

Associate Writer for the Common Sense Post. Political Science, History. Identitarian Right.
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