The Warsaw Independence March. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Notes on the March in Warsaw

On the 11th of November, about 60.000 Poles marches in the capital Warsaw to commemorate the Independence of Poland.

Yet, this event with a remarkable number of participants has unleashed a wave of criticism in international media. I will not go through all the articles written about it, but generally it was widely denounced as a gathering of “fascists and racist hooligans”. According to the on-duty cuck interviewed by the BBC, the participants were mostly “football hooligans” – a connotation which is intself plainly false, let alone this guy wanting to have a say on whether the march should be allowed when it is not even his country.

There were football hooligans, yes, but it was a small contingent of the Legia Warszawa club. What about the rest? There were seniors, families, and young couples, and everything went ahead without problems.

The only “extremists” I saw were a group of BlackBlock-like masked individuals, which i was explained were a group of Anti-Antifa commandos. I found the concept hilarious.

The rest were all ordinary citizens. To a Western journalist, men at the march might have looked a tad threatening, but that is the natural reaction occuring when a soyboy comes across high-testosterone individuals. No nerdish glasses, no clear voice, no ambiguous clothing. Is that extremist?

But aside from these superficial remarks, what does this reaction to Polish pride tell us? A simple fact: that no pride based on tradition and origins of the conventional type is accepted in the media. Even Polish nationalism, which has to be one of the most historically tame nationalisms to have ever existed in Europe, is denounced as the ideology of neo-fascists.

In Poland, a country annihilated under Nazi occupation.

Poland, the Christ of nations, as it is called for the suffering Poles had to endure through centuries, is not even allowed to celebrate its independence, apparently.

Make no mistake, these people and organisations will not stop before anything. If you believe that they are going to somehow allow you space in what perverted vision of Europe they intend to pursue, you are a fool.

Hence, embrace the Europe of nations! No guilt, no apologies.

Oswald Langobard

Associate Writer for the Common Sense Post. Political Science, History. Identitarian Right.
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