Oswald Langobard

Oswald Langobard

Associate Writer for the Common Sense Post. Political Science, History. Identitarian Right.
  • Blood, Heroism, Martyrdom

    by - Jan 17, 2018
    We live in societies where violence, even strife of any kind, is opposed in principle. And yet, we are the sons of a past that saw blood and martyrdom as a necessary, inescapable necessity that would...
  • The Abolition of Style

    by - Jan 14, 2018
    Fashion, as we know it today, was created at the Versailles court under Louis XIV, also known as the Sun King. His relentless aestheticism and narcissism (which more often than not spilled into debauchery), while contributing...
  • Israel’s Twilight

    by - Dec 16, 2017
    Europe’s demographics are not looking too good, we all know that; our American cousins are dealing with something similar. Yet, relatively far from the midst of the European immigration and demographic crisis, lies a country in...
  • Embracing Fear

    by - Dec 4, 2017
    Fear is without doubt one of the most basic drivers of human activity and it always has been. The all too often mentioned “fight or flight” response is only triggered by the realization of danger, which...
  • Rome and Multiculturalism

    by - Nov 26, 2017
    Every now and then, and for the umpteenth time, some media outlet tries to reinterpretate Rome and Roman society according to the contemporary narrative on immigration and multiculturalism. It is always the same, it hardly ever...
  • Ode to the Market

    by - Nov 19, 2017
    We all live in the era of on-demand television, instant shipping, ever-available internet access. This economic model, the so-called consumer-oriented economy, undeniably produces advantages for everyone purchasing goods and services at the end of the productive...
  • Notes on the March in Warsaw

    by - Nov 15, 2017
    On the 11th of November, about 60.000 Poles marches in the capital Warsaw to commemorate the Independence of Poland. Yet, this event with a remarkable number of participants has unleashed a wave of criticism in international...
  • The Enclosure of the Surface Web

    by - Oct 26, 2017
    In British history, the Enclosure was the process during which English landowners fenced off their properties, thereby effectively terminating the collective access to lands that were considered the “common land”. The process ultimately kickstarted the British...
  • We do not need Neo-Masculinity

    by - Oct 14, 2017
    We know what Feminism is. We know what it looks like, what it intends to achieve, its methods, its rules, its pre-conceptions. If you are reading this, it is very likely that you agree that Feminism...
  • The Cuphead Outrage – Another Gaming Uprising

    by - Oct 10, 2017
    Perhaps not many of you are avid gamers, or gamers at all, and you may not have heard of the recent backlash that game journalism has received over new and old issues. Let us start from...
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