Oswald Langobard

Oswald Langobard

Associate Writer for the Common Sense Post. Political Science, History. Identitarian Right.
  • Hard Power vs. Soft Powers – Patriarchy or Matriarchy?

    by - Aug 1, 2017
    Ever since third-wave feminism solified its grasp in the Western world, the term Patriarchy has been a key concept in its mainstream theory. There are many a definition of the term “Patriarchy” as understood by feminist...
  • Vegetarianism and Decadence

    by - Jul 8, 2017
    Vegetarianism/veganism has exploded in popularity in the last few years, and it keeps spreading in most Western countries. However, it is but another sign of the cultural decline of the West, as it undermines the most...
  • War on Islam?

    by - Jun 24, 2017
    In the last few years, we have all experienced the many tragic terrorist attacks in Europe. There is no doubt that the Old World is virtually under siege. However, we must not give in to the...
  • Transhumanism is Meaningless

    by - May 25, 2017
    One of the many post-modern, post-structuralist,”globalist” schools of thought is Transhumanism, i.e. the notion that humanity should strive towards overcoming the human form as physical form, thereby transcending humanity and evolving into something else. Science fiction...
  • The Failure of Western Intelligence

    by - May 10, 2017
    The Westminster Attack, the Berlin and Stockholm lorry attacks, the Paris Attacks, the Brussel Airport bombings… the list goes on and on. It’s clear that Western intelligence has failed to prevent a number of terrorist attacks...
  • Meso-Trust Societies are Priceless

    by - Apr 23, 2017
    With the seemingly endless sequence of terrorist attacks that Europe has suffered in the last few years, the question regarding the type of society we Europeans want to live in is becoming ever more pressing, and...
  • The Italian Navy Exposed (And it’s nothing we didn’t know)

    by - Mar 23, 2017
    A few days ago, a young Italian man published on his facebook page a very interesting video, which as of writing of this article has over 2 million views. In it, he explains how it is...
  • An Apology of Man

    by - Mar 13, 2017
    How many times have Europeans been taunted by Americans (especially until the early Obama era) for supposedly preferring to solve conflicts or issues non-violently? Or by failing to show enough outrage and animosity in particularly critical...
  • First Blood as an Allegory of (Ethno-)Nationalism against the Modern Western State

    by - Mar 2, 2017
    It has often been said that it is the Left that won the culture war in the US during the Reagan era; while Republicans were firmly in control of the means of conventional politics (i.e. Parliaments, constitutional...
  • The Throttling Theory

    by - Feb 10, 2017
    A few days ago, Youtuber Mister Metokur (formerly known as InternetAristocrat1) uploaded a video entitled „Throttling Theory“. In this video he alleges that Twitter, the infamous social network which has been known to use the iron...
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