• Transhumanism is Meaningless

    - May 25, 2017
    One of the many post-modern, post-structuralist,”globalist” schools of thought is Transhumanism, i.e. the notion that humanity should strive towards overcoming the human form as physical form, thereby transcending humanity and evolving into something else. Science fiction...
  • The Throttling Theory

    - Feb 10, 2017
    A few days ago, Youtuber Mister Metokur (formerly known as InternetAristocrat1) uploaded a video entitled „Throttling Theory“. In this video he alleges that Twitter, the infamous social network which has been known to use the iron...
  • Site Updates! (Finally)

    - Jul 21, 2016
    When we aren’t busy recording podcasts or fulfilling our real life responsibilities, we work hard behind the scenes to improve your Common Sense experience. In other words: A bunch of new stuff on and around the...
  • When Drone meets Selfie Stick [Video]

    - Jan 8, 2016
    Innovation is a wonderful thing. Usable consumer drones are just taking off (yes, pun intended) and inventors keep coming up with new concepts. One of them is AirDog. The Latvian company presents us a product of...
  • Welcome to The Common Sense Post!

    - Dec 25, 2015
    In the name of everyone involved, I can proudly announce the launch of this new website. My name is Lukas Marcusson and I am running it together with my British partner Sam Purchase. Everything went much...
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